Plant Health and Care/Evaluation

The most common reason a tree owner calls an arborist is concern that something is wrong with a tree. It may be that some of the leaves are discolored, a branch has died, or perhaps the entire tree has been dropping leaves. Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times the problem is more complex—with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years. Unfortunately, there are instances in which the problem has gone undetected for so long that the tree cannot be helped, and the only option is removal. If an arborist had been called earlier, perhaps the tree could have been saved. More Info...

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees for removal of dead or damaged branches, and to promoting natural growth. Increase the property value and beauty of your home with well shaped, healthy trees and shrubs. Prepare your property for inclement weather! After we complete your tree pruning, we always clean up!

Insect and Disease Management

A Certified Arborists can customize a plant health care program specific to the species and growth management needs on your property. A tailored health care program can control fungus, spider mites and even dormant pests. Professional plant health care means less pests living in your trees and shrubs - and in your home.

Tree Fertilization and Shrub Fertization

Proper application of professional grade fertilizers on a regular schedule will help the overall growth, health, canopy, color, and stress tolerance of your trees. Vibrant, lush trees and shrubs add beauty value to your home.

Tree Removal and Stump Removal

'Do it yourself' tree removal can be dangerous. We're fully licensed, insured and extremely proud of our safety record! We've got the experience, the right tools, and we've got you covered. Hiring an unlicensed or uninsured worker to do tree removal and stump removal is a risk you don't want to take.

Hazard Assessment

Are you concerned about the trees close to your home or business? Call today for a complete assessment of your tree's health, elasticity, and overall structural integrity using our state of the art equipment. Manage your risks without losing your trees!

Tree Appraisals

Experience counts! A certified arborist's vast experience will provide you with an accurate appraisal on the value of lost or damaged trees. Protect your investments, get a qualified appraisal.






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